Sunday, September 19, 2010
birthday, birthday, and proposal. :)

it had been an extremely eventful and happy month hees.

starting off with the boyfriend's birthday. he was officially 1 year older than me for 4 days hahaha. and within a week i joined him in becoming 26. gosh old man and woman liao lols.

the night before his actual birthday, i sprang a surprise on him by turning up at his place with his present and a cake! but i think his mum and aunty were more surprised than the birthday boy himself. surprise FAIL. HAHA. but i think he's still happy la teeheee.

the weekend before, met up with his friends for dinner at La Strada for some italian food.

the virgo babies! 3 birthdays within 1 week! sze ruey looks amazingly happy blowing the cake. we name the photo, "father, mother and son". dots..haha!
chill out at holland v after dinner. everyone turned up and i think darling's secretly very happy though he didn't say so hees! thanks guys for making things good!! :)
and few days later, it was my birthday. dunno why but i was freaking moody and emo the day before my birthday..snapped at almost everyone. :( but my sweet colleagues brightened up my day by springing a mini surprise celebration! the cupcakes are so cute like me!!! =D wahaha! grinning from left to right.
the lovely ladies, alexis and siqi!
and xiao meimei siqi did some erm..interesting birthday wishes using her iphone. the right one is super chio can. lols.
my mood went up up UP!! from the mini celebration onwards. the next day, met baby in the afternoon and he gave me a boquet of flowers!! been so long since he gave me flowers and so i was super delighted and satisfied already keke. little did i know, there was a much bigger surprise awaiting me. :)
met up with his friends again for dinner at night..supposedly a celebration for me and sze ruey (his birthday's 2 days after mine). went helipad @ central. photos taken using my iphone 4..good quality for a phone camera yeah?
the guys toasting the birthday boy with plans of getting him drunk. but i think the plan failed hmms! haha!
birthday cake time!! =D
ok this is damn funny. both of us held the knife to cut the cake together, and someone (i think cheryl! haha) said "eh why you holding koonern's hand! shengming see! he ka you!" and sze ruey immediately let go and said something hilarious which resulted in me laughing with my mouth opened damn big. no image at all. -_-|| but it was all so fun!! and in the end i cut the cake myself hahaha.
i was born on 4th september 11.59pm 26 years ago, and darling made 4th september 2010 11.59pm a super special moment for me. we opened a bottle of champagne, and i was passed a glass by him. everyone told me, "koonern, drink S-L-O-W-L-Y okay." and i was like okay! thought they just didn't want me to get drunk cos i was supposed to drive home. and so i drank 1 sip and put the glass down. but everyone started toasting me and urged me to continue drinking. i was like "eh i thought suppose to drink slowly?!" but i just drink and drink and finished the champagne. and that was when i saw some residual inside the glass. but it's not champagne! took a closer look and gosh, i swear my heart stopped for 2 seconds. started digging frantically and excitedly, and the most beautiful ring fell out on my palm. :)
whatever happened for the next few minutes became a blur. i just remember being so surprised, shocked, shy and excited all at the same time! didn't even take a close look at the ring at that moment. can't really remember what he or the others said..thank god they took a short video heees. my mind seriously went blank. all i remembered, was that my heart swelled with joy when he put on the beautiful ring for me. :) :)
and now i can declare that i am officially engaged!! =D and getting married soon hees!!
party continued after that, but i was still in my own world and starting asking him and cheryl what excactly happened and 80% of the time, i was in my own thoughts but i can't really remember what was i thinking about haha!! i am one happy girl with my flowers and the ring..and most importantly, with the guy who loves me so. :))
thank you for making it happen baby. it is soo not you to be doing something like that! haha. but you made it happen anyway, and it's even more special and precious this way. :) i know it's not easy, and all the effort and sacrifices you made really melt my heart. it's such a special moment, a memory that i will keep in my heart forever. you are the best man i can every ask for. i love you baby.
and to the guys and dear cheryl, thank you for being a part of it. love you guys too!
and to miss shufen whom my boyfriend called and asked about the ring wahahaha!
to the friends who were not around and did not know about it, i know you will be happy for me. :)
we are happily engaged heee!!!!!
anyway did i mention that the proposal plan had a minor flaw actually? hahaha. after the whole thing, boyfriend told me the ring was suppose to flow out with the champagne when i'm drinking. but due to the small lower circumference of the glass and the protruding design of the ring, not only did it not flow out, it was stuck at the bottom and i still had to dig it out haha! and everyone was asking me to slowly drink cos they were scared i will swallow the ring LOL!! but yet when i drank tooo slowly they were worried i will take forever to discover the ring. super funny la haha.
i was a little slow to my emotions and it took me a few days to let the happiness really settle in lol. the whole process turned from shock to surprise to excited to touched to numb (for awhile cos i wasn't sure how i should feel?! lols) before feeling damn freaking happy hahaha!! to date, the damn happy feeling has subsided abit but the sweeeetness in my heart, is going to remain forever. :)
and now i can shout out loud : I AM GETTING MARRIED!!! =D soon. :)

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello! Me back! To record a historic moment. :)

Stay up all the way till 5am to catch the WC finals. Braind-dead now but I'm so glad I did that! Cos my favourite SPAIN got the final honours despite the violent attacks from the opposing team..they managed to hang on till the last minute!! Whee~!!

Been supporting Spain since WC2002, and noticing Casillas since then. I was surprisingly touched and proud of them when Casillas lifted the trophy on behalf of Spain. *wipes tear* LOL. 1 star on their jersey, and many more to come!

South Africa Soccer WCup Final Netherlands Spain by you.

Go Spain! You are not only the best in Europe, but best in the world now! CHEERS!!

I know I've disappeared for a long time..kinda lost the momentum to blog and been busy with lots of things lately. Will update when things are more settled.  Stay tune! :)

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
taiwan day 2!

i'm finally blogging about taiwan day 2 after half a year. lols. such a procrastinator..i have yet to choose the photos i wanna develop. but i still insist on blogging it! wanna keep some form of memory for my taiwan trip hees.

let me try to recap..hmm. early in the morning on day 2, we met and went down to.........gosh i can't remember!! haha alamak. anyways we just went down to somewhere and had our hotspring session! ending 2009 with a hotspring in the morning..nice~!

day 2 - collage 1 by you.

reached! snap shots of the hotspring resort. the guys are being gayish again..right in front of the girlfriends. DOTS. but i thought they look pretty cute together! haha.

day 2 - collage 3 by you.

and the girls. we're so much more decent

day 2 - collage 4 by you.

darling and i. the right picture looks so tourisy. lol.

day 2 - collage 5 by you.

into the hotspring resort! :) we booked 2 private rooms..1 for the guys and 1 for the girls. the real room is quite disappointing compared to what we saw on the brouchure..but nonetheless i had fun with the girls! had girly talks hee. it was wonderful dipping into the hotspring during winter time!!

day 2 - collage 6 by you.

lunch was inclusive for our package. dunno why but everyone was so shag and sleepy after the hotspring! i think we got too warm in the cold weather and everyone just wanna snuggle..haha.

day 2 - collage 7 by you.

off to shilin night market for dinner and some games. it was still quite early i remember, but the sky was already all dark. tried the XXL chicken but not fantastic to me, danshui and taizhong have the best fried chicken!

since nothing much to eat (most stalls were not open yet), the boys went to play some pasa malam games haha. and got us a teddy each. whee!!

day 2 - collage 8 by you.

my cute little mousy! which is lying on darling's bed as of now. and getting black. HAHAHA!

day 2 - collage 9 by you.

went back to take a shower and changed..cabbed down to Luxy. it was super crowded cos ja rule was the special guest for the countdown. thought we couldn't make it in anymore cos the queue was ridiculously looong, and i was silently cheering (so bad of me haha!) cos i really wanted to countdown with the pretty fireworks at 101!! but alamak. they went to book a VIP table which is really expensive, and the management allowed us to cut all queues and go in straight. ......... i'm not a clubber so i was kinda !!! at the price LOLS. and clubbing was not how i will like my countdown in taiwan to be. but oh well, went with the flow and it's the people you count down with that matters the most yeah? :) and since we paid a premium pricing for the table, we had a huge credit to spend. 1st time ordering chicken wings and fries and food in a the end still didn't manage to finish the credit. DIAO. opened bottles and the guys drank alot..they were all so high at a point of time!! lol.

day 2 - collage 10 by you.

went back to the hotel in wee hours, and that concluded our 2010 new year celebration. :)

will blog about day 3 SOON! :) :)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

it's been a month! everything had been good, just that i had been busy. busy with work, catching up with friends, having dates with boyfriend. heees.

lots of people have been asking me about my new job. thank you for the concern. :) work is pretty more resigning within 1 month haha. getting to know the operations and people better, getting to know what i am supposed to do much better, and getting to know my pretty colleagues better. took some pictures of my work station! the welcome banner which i thought was soooo thoughtful and nice of them! and everything is so pink and kittyfied i know lols. i so love it that i can put things on my desk cos i was never able to do that in can*n! am going to bring a mushroom cup tomorrow to add on to my cutie stuffs haha!

p.s: please stop whispering behind my back that i am acting cute okay. i can hear. LOLS.

collage 2 by you..

my new colleagues! siqi, alexis and yvonne. :)

collage 1 by you.

both alexis and yvonne's birthdays fall in the month of May. the HR gave me a task - have a small celebration for them! the cards were specially couriered from malaysia, cake was bought by me (can claim as expenses lol) and decorations were done by siqi and i early in the morning lols.

collage 1 by you.

specially got flowers for them hee..every girl loves to receive flowers!! yeah? and i realise alexis enjoys taking

collage 2 by you.

recently, every weekend had become a window-shop or shopping weekend..i need many more new working clothes please!! haha. yesterday, spent $130 on 4 dresses..yes 4 dresses! cheap hor! hahaha. even manage to get the member card hehe. i've got lots of discount cards in my pouch wanna go shopping please ask me hor. i may have discount to the shop you wanna go! lols.

random pictures of us over a weekend..can't remember which lols. thank you baby, for bringing me to shop. i know it's torturing for you! haha. you are the bestest la. muack.

collage 3 by you.

time is literally flying away. blink of an eye, it's mid-may already! and it feels like i just came back from taiwan lor. gosh. age is catching up. time flies when you get older. serious. hahaha.

have a good week everybody~! :)

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

work is fun. :) for the 1st time, i am not dreading to go to work on a monday! and this is a really good change yeah!

most of the ladies show so much warmth and friendliness..the 3 ladies i work closely with are all so lovely and sweet. and pretty. haha. i love working with pretty people. i think this is one of the good things of working with all females hehe! am really glad that the environment is not bitchy!

had to work on saturday this week..and had to attend a course and hence the whole saturday was burnt. feeling a teeny bit sad but still feeling quite okay cos the course is quite informative. learnt about makeup and skin care during this 2-days course..and i love it! smooth skin is very important to me so i really like good advice keke! there is so much to skin care..cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, moisturise, mask, sun screen, and it goes on. i'm really lazy when it comes to such things..usually, i only cleanse. sometimes, tone when i feel like it. hur hur. i better get started, not young anymore! $%$%# better take good care if i wanna continue having good skin.

after work, baby came to pick me up hehe. it was such a nice feeling! he stayed over on friday night so he sent me to work too. to and fro, so sweeet! thank you darling! muacks. went vivo for dinner..wanted to do some shopping but my feet started hurting due to heels. grrr. i really wonder how some girls can shop the whole day in heels! *respect* so, we went home earlier and played mahjong with his mama and aunty. and fell asleep in each other's arms. heeees. what a beautiful way to end a tiring saturday. :)

anyways, i just joined twitter the other day! haha had nothing to do in office so i went to sign up lols. do follow me @ i dun update often though. lol. cheerss!! =D

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Monday, April 12, 2010

it's supposedly my 3rd day of work today, but i didn't go today. cos i fell very very ill over the weekend!! boooo.

started with fever on friday night..which persisted all the way till yesterday afternoon. diarrhea came on saturday afternoon..and everytime i wanna fart, shit will accompany the fart. super watery shit - like pee. -_-|| oh yes it's damn gross. which means i either go to the toilet bowl to fart cum shit, or i try to squeeze the fart back in lol. was sooo weak on saturday that i didn't manage to go out! not even to watch a movie! when i dun go out at all during the weekends, it shows i am really dying. can't even eat proper meals. baby was so nice to come over and accompany me, but i was too drained to entertain him. muack. thank you dear, for holding my hand while i sleep. though i was pretty unconcious most of the time lol, i felt loved. :)

and so, i spent 80% of my whole weekend on bed. my very 1st weekend after going back to work. how greeeat. this morning, i woke up feeling not too good but determined to go to work. but i gave up halfway on the MRT ride, cos my stomach was churning nonstop and i needed to lao sai super badly. plus due to over-straining, i was going to puke soon and breaking out in cold sweat. HAI. so drama. went to see the doctor and he says "intestines infection". wonder what i ate wrongly. 2 days MC. BUT!!!!!!!!!!! i want to go to work tomorrow lor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please please..let my stomach rest well tonight and stop churning nonstop! if it continues spinning, there is no way i can make it to work..sighs..

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010
back to WW!

WW = working world. lol.

it had been a wonderful 3 weeks break. was quite restless during the 1st few days though..didn't like the feeling of everyone working and busy while i was so slack in the day haha. eventually, got use to it and i loved it. met up with friends during this period of time, watched dvds, random dinners and outings, genting trip with baby, more time spent with mummy. and the best part is, sleeping without having to worry about waking up haha. but just when i am super in tempo with such a lifestyle, it's time to go back to work.

went shopping for clothes over the weekends as formal wear is required for my new position..bought heels, skirts, pants, tops and a blazor. spent an obscene amount (at least to me!) on all these. i've got zero formal wear and i seriously need more working clothes! am anticipating to wear them and have a totally different look! hehe.

work starts tomorrow..sheesh. am very worried about waking up so early and looking crappy, then feeling too tired by 2pm lol. am going to be in the makeup / skin care industry so it will be an all-female environment. sounds fun yeah! really hope the job will be interesting and fulfilling, cos i do not wish for another MS repeat lols.

looking forward to my new job tomorrow! albeit feeling abit sian cos no more going out / watching tv on a weekday afternoon, no more sleeping real late / waking up even later. LOLs. but 3 weeks is enough..and i am thankful for being able to find a job i want easily. so, no more complains!!

embracing the brand new day tomorrow!! :) :) :)

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Saturday, April 03, 2010
30th march 2010

this special date marked our 6 years anniversary, and us embarking on our 7th year together. :)

this year, we made an impromptu decision and went off to genting and gambled through our anni!! LOLS. was down by quite abit at the beginning, then won back and even won quite a handful, and eventually lose back the winnings haha oppsiee!! so, we were back to square 1 in the end. so long as dun lose can liao hees!

wanted to go down to KL but didn't cos we (ok make it ME lol) didn't manage to wake up. so, we just loitered around genting and spend some quality time together. :)

thank you for loving me so much and being so selfless in this relationship darling. you may not do the sweetest things or give me the biggest surprises, but you always make me feel that you care so much and do or say the cutest things hee. i may be so temperamental or pick on you at times..that i know and i am sorry. sometimes, i can be so spoilt (by you!) and be such a baby. but at the end of the day, you must know that i do love you very much..and i will want to be with you, always.

i love you baby. happy anniversary. :)

picture 1 by you.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010
nails disaster (recovered!) :)

my gel nails this time round was a total disaster. the previous set lasted me for 7 weeks, this? by the end of 1st - 2nd week, some of the gel were lifting already. and yesterday, my nails BROKE. the lady definitely file way too nails are usually hardy! and the worst is, i suspected fungus growth. -_-|||

right : can you see the greenish portion under the glitter?? OMG IT'S SO EEWISHLY DISGUSTING! blah.

left : my broken nails and totally lifted gel. it was so painful that i decided to just peel off the gel and cut my tips..just in case my whole nail break lor. OUCH.

collage nails 1 by you.

so i was very upset the whole of last night..and very cautious cos the other nails were threatening to break any moment. it's really painful when the whole nail bent in..especially in my case as my nails were very long, and soft due to over-filing. so today, had to go out to do some stuffs, and hence went to FEP to do my nails. my cousin's girlfriend, who used to be a manicurist herself, frequents this particular shop. so it must be good enough yeah!

and true enough! the lady who attended to me was very nice and understood my situation so well. i still can do gel nails as my fungus was not too bad, but due to my brittle nails now, she felt that filing (do gel nails must file!!) is not a good option for me and suggested doing normal mani instead. i like it that she doesn't try to persuade me to do gel nails such that she can earn more commission..but instead gives me suggestions that will not harm my nails further. :) so tada! my nails are no longer ugly!! in fact, preeeettttty!!! hehe!!

the shop name is iputa, located at level 5. it's a rather big nail shop as compared to the others in FEP. most importantly, their pricing is SUPER REASONABLE!! can go try! i am so going back to do my gel nails once my nails recover hees!!

my nude nails! i love the color and how short my nails are now. typing and sms-ing is a breeeeze. lol. and yeah, that's the kitty cup darling bought for me in jb. teehee! cute hor! *grinz* i drink more water nowadays cos of the cup!! HAHAHA.

collage nails 2 by you.

regarding my phone interview, it went very well hehe. in fact, i am offered the position. =D wheets am really glad! cos i like the industry and job description! but the pay was lower than what they 1st offered as they are not taking my MS pay into account..reason being i am there for less than 2 months haha! which means, pay increment is based on my can*n pay..and my previous pay is pathetic. LOL. but the new pay is still acceptable. so i accepted it! hehes. however, till the day i sign on the dotted line, i won't declare that "i've got a job!!" cos things can always change haha. so i take it as an offer..a really good one. heeee!!

dearie had taken leave for next monday and tuesday! YEAH!!!! planning a short getaway!! *rubs hands in glee* life had been goood to me! and my mama! cos i get to spend more time with her recently and i think she's very happy about it haha. like tomorrow, we're going shopping for her phone. and she's VERY VERY HAPPY cos i am paying. LOLOL. how i wish for a smiley day alll the time. :) :)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

hellos!!!!! haha. had been very occupied, not busy though. just occupied with things here and there lol. work and occassional dinners on weekdays, weekends are most looked forward to. had been mahjong-ing quite abit, and losing alot. i think i've lose all my winnings from cny already. :( SOBS!!

for the 1st time, baby and i went to JB yesterday! haha i know we super suaku la. =p went with cheryl and andrew and they were like the "tour guides" since we dunno the way at all lol. not too bad! bought serial dramas and movies..and darling bought me this hello kitty cup hehes!! less than S$10!! so cheap! can never find such cheap kitty cups in singapore lol. overall it's a pretty good trip..can go once in a few months to bring back some dvds haha!!

as all know, i've tendered my MS job. last tuesday was my last day. =D am not in a rush to look for a new job, but definitely browsing around. there had been offers but i've rejected..will wanna look for a job scope in the industry that i want and will at least stay in for the next 2 years. the MS job was a super short-lived one lol. darling had been very supportive and sweet about it..thank you so much dearie. your words always give me the encouragement and assurance i need.. :) :) 

that said, i attended an interview last week. a job that i am more interested in. they've called me back and arranged a 2nd phone interview (whee!) as the person who will be talking to me is not based in singapore. have never done phone interviews before..and i honestly prefer face-to-face interviews! lots of people had told me that they thought i "act" my voice the very 1st time they meet me. only after awhile then they realised this is just how i talk. i really dun like it when people judge me by my voice..i am really not acting cute or sweet lor. sheesh. but overtime, everyone loves me (haha! damn thick skin) and they eventually get use to my voice!! LOL.

looking forward to the coming weekend..our big anniversary's approaching! gonna spend more quality time with him..bliss. :)

p.s. : all the best to myself for the phone interview tomorrow!! LOLs!!

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